We plan and install digital television playback systems for both Home and commercial uses.

Multi room/Home distribution

is a fantastic way to watch digital television in your bedroom (or any room of your home) all whilst controlling your Sky, Freesat, Freeview TV or DVD system in your living room! Every Multiroom system is different, and are designed and tailored to meet your requirements, and configured to operate through as many rooms or television of your choice.

You tell us what you want and we will advise you the best way to install your system and what products we would recommend.

Are you looking for one extra television point? Or a fully installed customised digital multiroom system. For most of our customers it is somewhere in between.

Did you know you can have a sky playback system to feed your SKY signal throughout your home? This can be fitted at the same time as installing your new digital aerial, therefore reducing the overall cost!

Multiroom can be as simple as running additional television points from you existing TV Aerial or Satellite TV system, providing access to digital services such as Freeview throughout your property, to running full infra red magic eye points or additional set top receivers for independant channel control.

Using digital signal amplifiers, we can fully configure your home or place of work to provide instant access to digital television viewing services such as Sky, Freesat, Freeview or European Satellite TV from within any room of your home.

Commercial and Communal systems

Herts Aerial Systems can design, supply and install communal aerial and satellite systems according to your requirements and specification, installed to CAI communal standards.

The design of each system obviously varies according to each individual requirement. We conduct a free site survey to understand your needs and provide a quotation.

We offer the following systems for your club, office, block of flats, large property or commercial building.

Integrated Receiving systems, the most used communal system for blocks of flats big housing estates, where only one main dish and aerial is required for the whole site.

Satellite Master Antenna TV systems. These type of systems are mainly used on hotel types systems. SMATV systems basically have one commercial grade receiver per satellite channel, put through an aerial system. This allows for each TV to be able to pick up the nominated satellite channels, without the need for a satellite receiver box for each room.

System repairs and maintenance

Contact us to dicuss updating, maintenance or repairs to your existing system.