Satellite / SKY

Herts Aerial Systems are an independent Satellite dealer.

Which means we offer the same deals as sky! We are also one of the leading Freesat installers in Hertfordshire.

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The equipment used and installations are to the highest standards. The extra services we offer for SKY are non-standard installations ie. on chimneys, we can also combine the sky set up with your existing system or with a digital aerial installation.

About Sky Digital TV
Sky Digital provides access to new home digital tv entertainment with hundreds of digital channels and programmes, all broadcast in fantastic digital quality. There is a variety of monthly subscription television packages available, each of which can be tailored to suit your viewing requirements.
Sky Digital also brings Interactive TV, which allows you, the viewer, to interact with your Sky digital system to take part in a TV programme, play games, make purchases and even send text messages and emails, all through your television set.

Non Standard SKY Installations

We are specialists at installing Sky television systems where other companies cannot, and as of yet, have failed to come across a situation we could not overcome to the satisfaction of our client.

Sky Satellite TV provides a fantastic choice of exciting tv channels, ranging from news, entertainment and movies, to documentaries, music and radio stations! There really is something suitable for everyone!

Sky+ Satellite TV
Sky+ provides you with complete control over what satellite tv you want to watch, when you want to watch it!

You can pause, rewind and play live TV, ensuring you never miss a minute! Furthermore, it gives you the flexibility to plan your television viewing and record your favourite tv shows, even whilst watching a separate Sky Digital channel! Sky+ requires an upgrade to your Sky Mini Dish and a new Sky+ receiver, work which Aerialforce are experts in.

Sky HD
Sky HD is the ultimate viewing experience, providing almost life-like viewing complete with the Sky+ recording facilities!

With four times greater picture clarity, sharper, more vibrant colour & images and many digital HD programmes with surround sound, over 5,000 hours per month of HD entertainment and much more to follow, you will not be disappointed. To receive Sky HD you must have a Sky HD receiver box and HD compatible digital television. Sky Multiroom Too many people fighting for the TV control? Then Sky Multiroom is for you! Sky Multiroom allows several Sky Digital receivers to be controlled from one Sky Mini Dish, so everyone has separate control over what they watch wherever they are in the home!