Freeview is now a household name, if you are looking to upgrade your existing analogue aerial to enable you to receive a good quality digital signal, Herts Aerial Systems are the experts you need.

With Freeview HD launching, Herts Aerial Systems can supply and install HD ready aerials and Freeview HD televisions when launched.
Depending on your signal area you will almost certainly need a high gain digital aerial, however you may or may not need a mast head amplifier. We pride ourselves on our good relationships with our loyal customers. This means that we will only quote and supply you will what you need, explaining the options available to you. We rely on your satisfaction for much of our business through referrals.

There is a huge difference between the type of aerial available from DIY stores and professional quality aerials, and although if you are in a strong signal area there may not be much discernable difference when receiving analogue television, digital transmissions require a quality aerial and cabling.

It is also important that any aerial that is installed matches the local transmitter’s channel range, therefore “second-hand” or auction-website aerials may well be totally un-useable in your area. Herts Aerial Systems use professional-quality aerials.

An aerial installed in the loft can reduce a signal received, but if that is your preferred location for your digital aerial, Herts Aerial Systems can test the strength of the signal available in your loft and advise on other options if required.
The positioning of an aerial can be critical to receiving good quality pictures, especially if there are trees or tall buildings close by obstructing the signal’s “line of sight” from the transmitter.